18XX Belgium

International 18XX Conventions, twice a year

18xxBelgium is a subdivision of Spellenclub Mechelen founded by David and Luk on 18 August 2018 after our first 18xx convention. 18xxBelgium hosts the biggest dedicated 18xx conventions in Europe attracting players from all over the world.  We welcome both veteran players as well as beginners looking to play their first game. For more info visit our website 18xxBelgium and we hope to see you at the next convention.

Local introduction events

Our local community of 18xx players has been steadily growing these past few years and we constantly want to encourage this growth and keep introducing new players to the genre. Every year we organise one or more introduction events outside of the usual conventions. Our introduction events are aimed at local players, those wanting to play their first game or just want to get together for an afternoon of 18xx. We usually have 3 to 4 tables of players, and everyone is welcome free of charge. These events do require you to register here